Welcome to Boudoir Noir’s opulent world of sensuous harmony, simmering percussion, and dreamy, sensuality. 

At the top of a narrow, shadowy, winding staircase is an ancient wooden door covered with mysterious glyphs and symbols. With a rush of warm air, the portal opens and ushers you into the inner sanctum of Boudoir Noir. The room’s inviting darkness is permeated with the scent of exotic perfume, the soft, soulful thump of intoxicating bass lines and the subtle pulsation of swirling, interlocking rhythms that make you tingle with anticipation. As the music pulls you into its inviting embrace, you close your eyes and begin to drift away on the wings of the haunting voice that comes floating out of the ether. The song unfolds as singer Maria Rose Fournier spins her mesmerizing tales of love, lust, inner harmony and cosmic consciousness. Her voice is strong and gentle, shy and bold, confident and coy, a shimmering alto that pulls you into the nether world between yearning and satisfaction, territory familiar to those who live their lives for love. 

Boudoir Noir creates moody, beat based music marked by striking melodies and Fournier’s luminous vocals. Her partners in the venture are bassist Graham Rockwood and drummer Beni Schlatter. The songs they write invite you to relax, open up and strip away the outside world to create your own inner Boudoir Noir, a space where dreams can come true and fantasies can be realized. 

“We compose and produce our music in our own intimate hideaway,” Fournier says. “We can start with a beat, a guitar lick, vocal melody or chord progression. Sometimes it’s a mood or feeling we want to create and our boudoir provides a perfect setting for exploring emotional and musical ideas. Once an idea takes shape, we fill in the instruments around it, layer by layer. If we get stuck, we’ll cook a meal and listen to the song in the background. It helps let our minds wander and come up with more impressions.” 

The trio released two singles in late 2014: “Change It Up” And “Summer Skin.” They’re gearing up to release their six song Endless Dawn EP in June 2016. Thumping bass drums and sharp snare accents compliment Fournier’s ardent vocals on “108,” a primordial song that explores the mysteries of this auspicious number that is found in ancient teachings and nature. Washes of intergalactic sound create a huge space for Fournier’s vocals. She delivers the warm, open vowels of the lyrics with long sustained notes that dance through an inviting veil of synthesized Bollywood strings. 

Fournier’s muted vocals and a subterranean bass line wrap you up in the mysterious warmth of “Endless Dawn,” a passionate ballad full of flickering light and shadows.  Working with Tunde Olaniran, the song takes on his alt/hip hop style while using synthetic and found sounds to provide a soundscape worthy of Fournier’s topic of reckoning with one’s own mortality. Again working with Olaniran, “Wild Valentine” features Indian tabla laced with an assortment of live and electronic drums that set the stage for this song’s ancient theme and driving elements of drum and voice. Rose beckons for a reunion with a lover, supported by a dirty-southern guitar sound.  Like all their music, the sounds on Endless Dawn will leave listeners drifting hypnotically through a sea of satin harmony. 

On stage, the band creates an elegant, electronic, urban cabaret with their dramatic, dreamy pop. Their bigger shows are complemented by pole and hula hoop dancers. Rockwood and Schlatter lay down a bed of ambient rhythms that combine live playing and samples to produce an ever-shifting soundscape of echoing dub effects, while Rose drops other-worldly synthesizer melodies and sustained guitar notes into the mix. A compelling front woman, with a hypnotic, low-key charisma, Rose often wears masks and dances with Egyptian belly-dance wings and fan veils to add a physical dimension to the band’s dark, sultry presentation.


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